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Absolutely the Best Trucking Company Jobs and Home Time in the Trucking Industry!

Trucking Company Jobs

Finding a Good Trucking Company Job can be Difficult!

1. You have thousands of trucking company jobs to choose from.
2. You have heard bad stories about almost every Trucking company Job.
3. You are probably tired of finding things out the hard way.
4. Most Trucking companies will not be 100% truthful .

The first thing you need to do is figure out what’s important to you in a trucking job.

  • Trucking Company Benefits - Do you have dependents?
  • Home time -  Are you single?
  • Trucking Company Pay -What will the Trucking company pay for?
  • Trucking Equipment - Is driving a new truck important to you?

Pay Per Mile can be an Illusion!

If a Trucking company will pay you 35 cents a mile it might not necessarily be better than a Trucking Company that pays you 24 cents a mile.

Example: Maybe the 35 cent company gets you 2400 miles a week and the 24 cent gets you 3300 miles a week. STOP! Remember you still have to drive the miles! This is a common argument among truck drivers!

How could this be true? Here are a few contributing factors!

  • More or less miles - What good is 35 cents if you are not driving? If you are not driving where will you be? The truck stop or at home?
  • Benefits- 24 cent company charges you $35 dollars a week for benefits and the 35 cent company charges you $80 .What kind of deductible does their over priced insurance provider charging you? That’s a $2,300 a year difference in weekly deductions alone!
  • Breakdown pay- Maybe 24 cent company will pay you breakdown pay and the 35 cent company doesn't. You will find companies with old equipment don’t like to pay drivers who are broke down. Sometimes the pay doesn’t start for hours after the actual breakdown. Companies with new equipment will pay more cause you will not be broke down as often.
  • Empty Miles- you get paid the same loaded or empty? Will you have to unload a trailer and what is that pay. Some trucking companies pay less for empty miles.
  • Vacation- Do you get paid vacation and what is the pay? Paid sick days? Holidays? You can put a price on all of these things and add it up with a calculator!
  • 401k, pension- the company have a 401k and how much will they match? Will you have short and long term disability insurance?
  • Tolls-  Will the Trucking company pay for you to use toll roads?
  • Scale Tickets- the company pay for all scale tickets?

To the average person, a 35 cent a mile job looks like 9 more cents than a 24 cent job. They will do the math real quick in their head. Based on 3000 miles a week that’s 270 dollars and they sign the dotted line. They might even give you a 1000 dollar bonus that you might not never see. Read the fine print for disqualifiers on all bonuses.

Trucking recruiters and Trucking companies are good at painting a pretty picture for you. They omit things and you need to ask and get direct answers. In writing if possible. Yeah right!

A problem that most Truck Drivers will face with Trucking Company Jobs!

You go through the Company background checks, drug tests and an orientation with your new Trucking company. Then you start to work and find out it will take 3-4 weeks to get your first check. During this time you find out all the things that you were not informed of and realize you should have gone with the other Trucking Company Job.

Your problem

You would like to quit but you probably can’t because you have gone weeks without a paycheck and things are tight financially!

If you quit now you probably just worked a few weeks for free! Good Luck getting paid!

Trucking companies know this and they have you between a rock and a hard place. Welcome to the trucking industry!

The best way to avoid most of this nonsense is to get the best trucking company job you can as fast as possible!

Price = $9.95!

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Absolutely the Best Trucking Company Jobs and Home Time in the Trucking Industry!

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